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Client Authentication

SRA employees should use as their primary web-based tool to remotely access select corporate systems. is provided as a secondary option for employees that work on client-site or remote locations that may experience issues with or if they are not able to use the VPN desktop client on their SRA PC. Please note that to access SRAnet, employees will need to use one of the below URLs and provide Extra Verification information. If you have not set up your Extra Verification options, please contact SRA Helpdesk via or 1-866-502-1206.

- Direct SRAnet link
- via
- Via (click Login button on the RIGHT side)

  • Your Username should reflect your PC login.
  • Your Password will be your PIN followed by the six-digit Tokencode on your SecurID token.
  • If this is your initial login, enter only the six-digit Tokencode on your token.